Behind and parallel to the Coastal Dune runs a lagoon wetland consisting of four coastal lakes –Lake Sabaudia or Paola, Lake Caprolace, Lake Monaci and Lake Fogliano – and of seasonally flooded wetlands.

The lakes and the surrounding wetlands together represent Italy’s most important swamp environment, and were declared a “Wetland of International Importance” according to the Ramsar Convention (Iran 1977).

Being located along the main migratory routes, the Park is especially well placed for many bird species to stop.

Circeo National Park’s brackish lagoons and seasonal freshwater-flooded areas  offer a particularly suitable environment for the rest, wintering, and nesting needs of numerous migratory bird species.

Over 260 water bird species crowd the Park’s lakes and ponds in spring and autumn. A binocular and a good guide is all you need for exciting sightings.